It’s Time For A Change!

We have all felt this way before. One hot June evening I was feeling particularly frustrated and dejected. I took out my frustrations from the day on my husband’s weights. I bench pressed, dead-lifted, rowed and squatted my heart out.

It felt great

After a few weeks, I felt almost…powerful. Every day, I would go to work and every night I would take the day’s frustrations out on the weights and punching bags. I might not have realized it at the time, but the decision to start lifting weights changed both my body and my entire future. Sometimes life suggests things subtly and other times it shouts! I got a clear push from life that it was time for a real change. Resolved to embrace the forced change, I used it as an opportunity to go to school for something I have always been passionate about: fitness.

I attended the National Personal Training Institute in Waltham, MA where I earned a Diploma in Personal Training and a Certificate in Nutrition. I also became NASM Certified and certified through ACE and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help individuals battling Multiple Sclerosis. At NPTI I learned logical program design based on facts, proven results and real science (not to be confused with bro-science!). I specifically learned about proper nutrition to fuel one’s workouts and how to calculate an individual’s specific daily recommended caloric intake based upon his or her lifestyle. This is also where I learned proper lifting form, how muscular imbalances are manifested (for example: lower back pain) and most importantly the various methods to rehab and combat them them. Since, I have trained teenagers, senior citizens, weight loss clients, guys who “want to get jacked” and everyone in between. No cookie cutter workouts here! I will write each one to suit your individual needs. Together, we will improve your balance, posture and strength, rehab your injuries and have fun while doing it! Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds, work off the day’s stress or just want to work out to feel good; let me help you start that change!

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Carpe Diem Baby!