Working Professionals’ 4 MINUTE Metabolic WORKOUT!

The majority of my clients are busy working professionals. Naturally, the most common excuse I get for them  missing assigned workouts (when they aren’t with me of course) is a lack of time. Most people can spare 4 minutes, even in the morning, right? That’s less than one more tap on that snooze button! Try my Working Professionals’ 4 Minute Metabolic Workout The benefits:
  • If you do it once you’ll remember it forever
  • If you do it correctly you can burn 8-12 calories a minute (sometimes more)
  • The best part though? It can be done anywhere.  That’s right, this workout can be done in your bedroom, a hotel room, even your office.

Yes, seriously even your office (assuming your office has at least one wall that is relatively sturdy- I don’t need you going all Kool-Aid Man through your office wall.

Back to the workout- 4 Minutes. No Equipment. Are you ready for this? Put your hands on a wall and run, as fast as you can, as though you are trying to push through it. Imagine you are the Incredible Hulk, that the wall made you angry, and you just want to push it over (note: push, not smash!).
It should look like this (just ignore the hurdle- you don’t need it). Run for 20 seconds then rest for 20 seconds. Do this 6 times for a total of 4 minutes. There you have it, a 4 minute workout! I know you can give yourself 4 minutes- give it a try!

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