New and Improved Frittatas!


For those of you  who know me, you know I love to feed people.  I basically can’t go anywhere without bringing food.  My lunch and learn presentation was no exception. One of the bites I brought for my presentation were my (almost) famous Frittatas.  Particularly, the Ham, Cheese and Veggie Medley  Frittatas. As promised, here are the new and improved recipes! Why new and improved you ask? Well, Seta from Seta’s Cafe in Belmont helped me tweak the recipe and I can assure you it’s significantly more tasty now. (By the way, GO THERE! Her Khorovats are OUT OF THIS WORLD. Fresh, healthy, locally sourced ALL GOOD THINGS- go, go, go, go! You won’t regret it! Oh, and tell her I sent you!) Ingredients 6 Large Brown Eggs 1 Cup Liquid Egg Whites 1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt ½ cup Shredded  Mozzarella Cheese 1 Green Onion 1 tbs Fresh Rosemary Salt and Pepper Ham and Cheese: 2 oz of diced ham Veggie Medley 1/4 Small Yellow Onion 1/4 (small) Zucchini 1/4 (small) Summer Squash 1/2 Roma Tomato 1/4 (medium sized) Orange Onion 1/4 (medium sized) Yellow Onion Preheat oven to 350 Fill a muffin tin with 12 liners Spray with non-stick cooking spray (preferably spray with flour) Crack the eggs in large mixing bowl, mix in yogurt, egg whites salt, pepper and cheese Whisk until blended. – For the ham and cheese Frittatas simply place the ham in the bottom of the muffin tin liners breaking it up into equal parts for each one – For the Veggie ones,  saute the veggies lightly (always precook them! If you don’t you’ll have raw veggies and overcooked eggs) and again distributing  the cooked veggies into equal parts in each muffin tin (approx 1/2 tsp each) Spoon out 1tbs of egg mixture into muffin tins. Scoop from the bottom of the egg mixture and ensure you are getting (approximately) equal amounts of cheese into the muffin tin. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until browned (cook time varies based on the oven) Take them out and scarf them down! They only have about 60 calories per Frittata A serving is 2 of them! You can reheat them in the morning by removing the foil muffin liner (if you used foil) and microwave for 20-30 seconds or until they’re warm. There you have it! Breakfast for the week!

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