Burning Calories Without Working Out (and a Little Bruce Lee Wisdom)


In an increasingly inactive world, people are always looking for new ways to include some sort of physical activity in their lives. If 31.1% of the world is indeed inactive, then any additional movement is not only helpful but a necessity. In The Tao of Jeet Kun Do, Bruce Lee discusses a few opportunities for exercise in everyday life. Let’s take a quick look at some of his suggestions: Walk whenever you can Avoid taking the elevator, take the stairs Practice your balance by standing on one foot (Lee, 1975) He goes on to suggest a few other things but those are more relevant to martial arts so let’s just talk about the three listed above. Walk whenever you can. Bruce Lee goes on to say that you should park your car a few blocks from your destination and walk. That might look a little odd in this day and age but there are a few less awkward equivalents of this. Don’t aim to get the spot closest to the door at work, the store or in the parking garage. Park a little further away and walk. You’ll get a little more exercise and as an added bonus you probably won’t have to wait for those spots to free up! If you can stand up while you’re on the phone- (at work or otherwise) do it! Many offices places have hands free headsets or even better, wireless headsets! If you are stuck on the phone a lot, or find yourself stuck on your cell a lot try to make it a habit to stand up and take a few steps *if possible*. You’ll be able to move your joints, improve your posture and maybe burn a calorie or two. There are two added bonuses with this one especially if you work in an office! It apparently, helps you get off the phone quicker and “adds energy to your voice”. Avoid taking the elevator- take the stairs. This one seems obvious, but some people work on the 10th floor of their building.  What then, you ask? Walk as many flights of stairs as you can before taking the elevator. Set personal goals for yourself and see how far you can go! Maybe, you’ll eventually go past your floor to get a little more exercise! Practice your Balance by Standing on one Foot. This is a phenomenal suggestion and yes it’s actually exercise. Not only does standing on one foot help to improve your balance, it engages your core muscles, forcing you to use your abdomen and hips to keep you standing up straight.  It’s often a physical therapy exercise because post injury (and usually otherwise) almost all of us could afford to improve our balance and strengthen our core. That’s just my $.01, on Bruce Lee’s $.02. Please keep in mind that these things are to add to your caloric deficit and boost your energy expenditure, they are not intended to replace your workouts (unless you start running up the stairs at work!). Try them out and let me know what you think! Resources: Lee, B. (1975). Tao of jeet kune do. Black Belt Communications.

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