Why Should I Hire A Personal Trainer?

I will admit that prior to really researching the Personal Training industry; I wasn’t really sure why one would hire a personal trainer. 

With all the vast resources the internet provides, I figured one could just ask Google or Some Guy(s) on the Internet and be a workout expert with the click of a mouse.

I was skeptical, as I am sure you are. After all, why else would you be reading this?

I was so, so very wrong my dear readers. I was young, naive and absolutely mistaken. 

While the internet is full of great resources (and some, not so great…) it will not provide the results, customization, safety or motivation that your very own trainer would. 
Results:  Simply put, working out with a trainer will yield better results than working out on your own. Making the commitment to yourself is a great start, having a trainer to keep you accountable to yourself will make all the difference.  Your gym buddy will ditch you when they have had a bad day, but your trainer will never abandon you.

Expertise:  Believe it or not, you are not paying your trainer for their fancy equipment or space, you are paying them for their expertise. A good personal trainer has some sort of degree, diploma or certification in personal training.  She has an intimate knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and Nutrition.

Your ideal trainer has mastered writing good workouts, spotting techniques and has a full arsenal of exercises to meet your goals and keep you entertained.   

Customization: Workout videos area great start but they don’t work for everyone. A program written specifically for you and your body will. 

Unfortunately, achieving a fitness goal is sort of like baking a soufflé:  the science remains the same every time, but there are a lot of variables to take into account. The ingredients, tools, appliances and even altitude can have an impact on the end result. Literally speaking, every body is different and yours comes with its own set of variables which will impact your results.  Your trainer will help you find what works for you.

Safety:  Do you lift heavy without a spot? Does your back hurt every time you Deadlift?

You are doing it wrong. 

If trust is the foundation of all good relationships, then form is the foundation of all good training. Poor form while running can result in Achilles and Calf injuries and poor form while lifting can cause some serious injuries and maybe at minimum a bit of embarrassment.  

Personal Trainers have also mastered correct spotting and safety techniques to ensure your overall safety so you don’t have to sacrifice a good workout for safety either.

The moral of the story? 

Hire an awesome trainer. Have fun. Get in shape. See results.

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